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Periwinkle. I've always loved that color. It's said the color symbolizes righteous spirit within yourself, favors for people, and inner peace and to me it invokes thoughts of happiness and playfulness. 

In 2009 a friend was having a birthday party for her daughter she said she wanted clown to paint faces. I immediately said I would! She said ok and i told her I would see her at the party!

I've always been into theater, makeup, and dressing up so my mother and I whipped up a clown costume. Then I bought some professional face paint, gave my clown a name; Periwinkle, and got to it.  It was a big success, the kids loved me and I loved them, and I had lots of fun playing the part and painting faces. So I decided to give this a better shot  and started Periwinkle Party Co.

It began with just painting faces and dressing up as a clown. I retired Periwinkle the clown and expanded to fairy, princesses, and superhero roles. And then we added belly painting and maternity shoots, organized art themed parties and now a green screen photo booth. It started on a whim and now has become so much more.

I got my artistic talent from my mom (she is my rock) who is also a lifelong artist. She taught me the ways of being an artist at a young age and when I'm not playing dress-up with Periwinkle, I can be found making art for sale at local events around town, teaching art classes, or enjoying life with my family in the beautiful Sarasota area.

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